Industrial Chimney Lining Systems

Industrial Chimney Lining Systems
Industrial chimney liners are an important component of your plant’s venting & emission system

A proper liner will protect your chimney or stack from corrosion & high temperatures, plus it will provide long-lasting durability to reduce future maintenance costs. Nothing is worse than unplanned outages or production downtime, and if your industrial chimney liner is not in good condition, you may not be meeting EPA emission regulations which can lead to fines & downtime. Plus, a liner in poor condition increases your chances of developing serious issues down the line which can lead to outages.

Whether you are building a brand new smokestack or need to retrofit a lining system on a current structure, there are a number of great lining system options.

Gunite Refractory Linings:

Gunite liners are a popular choice for oil refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities due to a number of benefits like reduced energy costs, fewer maintenance requirements, and less emissions. This innovative lining system safely allows for higher exhaust temperatures which burns away excessive discharge and unburned fuel particles. Because this type of industrial chimney & smokestack liner has a higher initial firing temperature, it has a great fuel efficiency which cuts fuel costs over time. Gunite liners are installed quickly & easily and will provide your concrete or steel stack from chemical attacks, thermal shock, high temperatures, and more.

Borosilicate Block Linings:

Borosilicate Glass Block liners are an economical choice that is growing in popularity thanks to their longevity, cost, and technical properties. The glass blocks are manufactured under highly controlled conditions that make the materials completely impermeable, creating excellent chemical & thermal resistance. Borosilicate Glass Block liners are extremely fire resistant and can be installed in concrete, steel, and brick chimneys & smokestacks. Attached to the internal surface of a stack with a flexible acid-resistant adhesive, Borosilicate Block liners are a great choice for many types of facilities.

Vinyl Ester Resin Linings:

If you are looking for unparalleled corrosion resistance, Vinyl Ester Resin liners are the best choice. This style of industrial liner is utilized in a large amount of industrial applications such as water treatment, air pollution control, chemical processing, and mineral processing. Vinyl Ester Resin liners can be installed in FRP tanks, stacks, industrial chimneys, pipes, duct work, scrubbers, and more. This lining system is perfect for challenging industrial environments since it has exceptional durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and high heat resistance. Vinyl Ester Resin is predominantly used as steel & concrete tank liners since it is easy to install and is more affordable than other lining systems.

Refractory Brick Industrial Linings:

Because refractory brick liners can withstand extremely high temperatures and have a high melting point, they are an excellent choice for industrial applications that require wear resistance, high temperature protection, and electrical or thermal insulation. This style of liner is used in moderate corrosive environments but can withstand severe temperatures.

The Industrial Access crew has years of industry experience with installation, maintenance, and repairs of industrial chimney & smokestack liners and our skilled technicians use innovative rope access techniques to ensure that our services are completed quickly, safely, and with as little downtime as possible. Contact us today to discuss industrial lining solutions for your plant, facility, factory, or mill.


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