Cellular glass

Cellular glass is a new inorganic thermal insulating material with a structure of equally closed cells. The composition is glass, added with foaming agent. It’s foamed by high temperature in foaming ove, and then cooled down in cooling oven. It well reserves the chemical stability of inorganic glass. As a result, it has the following features: low density, low thermal conductivity, vapor impermeability, no water absorption, incombustibility, protection from mould and rat eating, high mechanical strength but easy to cut and able to bear all kinds of chemical erosions except the hydrofluoric acid.

Cellular glass, nontoxic in itself, has stable chemical properties and good thermal insulating performance protecting from deteriorating at a wide temperature range from cryogenic temperature to high temperature. At the same time, it can protect from humidity, fire and erosion. It is praised as “permanent thermal insulating material with no need of renewal”, because it is not only safe but also durable in rigor conditions of low and cryogenic temperature, underground, open air, flammability, moisture sensitivity and even chemical erosion. Consequently, it is widely applied in permanent projects as heat and cold insulating material, such as in the industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, architecture, refrigerated warehouse, underground project, shipbuilding, national defense and war industry. Currently, due to the limitations of the properties of recycled glass, fabrication processing technology and equipment, etc, domestic manufacturers can only produce cellular glass, with the quality much worse than imported product, such as thermal conductivity and compressive strength.
YCE made big investments and established a R&D team, to build high performance cellular glass production lines in 2006. The line starts from melter, melting right composition glass from sand. Besides, the grinding processing, oven structure, combustion controlling, and finishing system, etc, have been fully upgraded, and the production processing & technical formula have been improved as well. Automatic controlling is adopted for the overall temperature control, weighing precision, processing data, and so on. This line is of the biggest size and best quality in Taiwan, also in Asia. The products meet ASTM standards. It makes possible that customers from petrochemical industry, building, or other fields can buy high quality cellular glass in Taiwan, which is equivalent to international quality.

1. Applicable for both cryogenic and high temperature
2. Low thermal conductivity but high compressive strength
3. No water absorption, no permeability, excellent airtight property
4. Low thermal expansion coefficient and good dimensional stability
5. Totally not combustible, no-aging and corrosion resistant
6. Nontoxic, harmless and environmental friendly
7. Protection from mould, rat eating, worm and microorganism

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