Building Insulation Cellular Glass Board

YCE Boro-block® is a closed-cell, borosilicate foamed glass block


YCE Boro-block® is a closed-cell, borosilicate foamed glass block that is based on a unique ceramic composition that exhibits outstanding chemical resistance, thermal stability and excellent insulating properties. YCE Boro-block® is one of the key components of the YCE Boro-block® Lining System.

It has excellent resistance to all acids, including limited exposure to dilute HF and dilute acid fluoride salts, many solvents and weak alkalis (pH < 12). YCE Boro-block® is completely closed cell and is impermeable to both liquids and gases and can resist temperatures up to 960˚F (516˚C). YCE Boro-block® provides a lightweight lining system that maintains its excellent thermal properties, such as low thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion, even in fully saturated, wet gas or liquid environments. The material’s unique, hybrid formulation exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock and high temperatures.


YCE Boro-block® is ideally suited for protecting the interiors of ductwork, chimneys, stacks and FGD absorber inlets/outlets servicing coal fired power plants and other facilities. It is typically applied to steel, concrete, brick and FRP substrates. The system’s closed cell, glass block and elastomeric membrane provide corrosion protection and outstanding thermal insulation, resulting in energy conservation, even in wet, acid flue gas environments. YCE Boro-block® thermal stability makes it well suited for use in bypass/hot gas service conditions. YCE Boro-block® Linings may be used as a stand-alone lining or in combination with refractories, acid brick, or acid resistant gunites and castables. In these applications, a layer of YCE Boro-block® behind the brick or monolithic lining can provide the necessary thermal insulation to replace several additional layers of brick or inches of monolithic linings. These dual layered linings provide a unique combination of corrosion protection and heat conservation at a minimum thickness and weight.


The block is installed in a manner similar to chemically-resistant masonry, utilizing YCE  Boro-block® Membrane to bond the block to the substrate, to seal and form side joints between the faces of adjacent block.


Shelf life for YCE Boro-block® Membrane and Primer is 12 months (minimum). The ancillary products must be kept in the original unopened containers and stored at room temperature (50-80°F).
Environmentally controlled storage is suggested to ensure consistent application characteristics.

*.Product Introduction 
Cellular glass is mainly made from glass powder, which makes cellular glass totally environmental friendly and recyclable. The whole production system includes raw material batching, glass melting, ball mill mixing, high temperature foaming, continuous cooling and automatic finishing. Cellular glass is used for building insulation, fire proofing and water proofing, and it can serve as long as the building exists without any deterioration of its characteristics. It can be used for a wide range, including the roof and external wall of building, and cryogenic projects, high temperature and corrosion projects, etc. With superior performance, competitive price, high overall economic results and convenient installation, it is a safe and durable building insulation material.

Characteristics of cellular glass:
1. Low density, low thermal conductivity but high compressive strength 
2. no water absorption, no permeability
3. low thermal expansion coefficient, good dimensional stability, no deformation, no crack 
4. Totally not combustible, no-aging and corrosion resistant 
5. Nontoxic, harmless and environmental friendly 
6. Protection from mould, rat eating, worm and microorganism 
7. Inorganic material, no deterioration and serve as long as building 
8. Applicable for high temperature, cryogenic, constant temperature and constant humidity 
9. Convenient for fabrication and installation


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