YC102 Epoxy Primer
YC102 Epoxy Primer
YC102 Epoxy Primer

YC102 Epoxy Primer

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YC 102 Epoxy Primer Sealer Bình Luận

Our YC 102 Epoxy Primer Sealer is a heat-resistant epoxy anti-corrosion primer applied as a sealing agent on certain substrates. It greatly increases bonding strength and effectively blocks moisture while resisting acid corrosion.

Product Features

1. YC 102 seal primer is composed of three parts: A, B, C. Part A is the base, part B and C are respectively the curing agent and a specially formulated diluent.

2. Excellent heat-resistant performance, making it suitable for use in environments below 180 ℃ for long periods of time after curing.

3. Excellent cohesiveness and compatibility. Strong adhesion to a wide range of substrates and elastic anti-corrosive materials, such as concrete, acid-resistant brick, steel substrates and so on. Greatly improves the bonding strength of substrates and elastic anti-corrosive materials.

4. Excellent sealing effect on the substrates. Effectively prevents alkali efflorescence and substrate moisture which negatively affects the bonding of anti-corrosive materials.

Guarantees that the anti-corrosion system is stable and reliable.

5. Excellent corrosion-resistant ability. Serves as a permanent primer for use in desulphurizing chimneys in some power plants, where the air is saturated with wet flue gas.

6. Use of space and time is not restricted by the environment. It can be cured at high temperature or at room temperature.

Main Purposes

Primer for:

1. Anti-corrosion systems of power plant facilities and equipment

2. Beacon paint on the outer wall of power plant chimneys

3. Anti-corrosion of steel structures, pipe, boilers, machinery, etc.

4. Anti-corrosion and decoration of heating equipment, ovens and

other high- temperature equipment

These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.



Technical Specifications


Solid content

≥ 65%


Theoretical coverage area and thickness

4~6m2/kg, dry film 40~50μm


Tack free time, 23℃

≤ 6h,140 ℃ ≤ 2h


Curing time, 23℃



Temperature resistance



Adhesive force (completely dry, square
drawing method)

Class 1


Salt spray and acid fog resistance/500h

No bubbles, no shedding


artificial aging resistance /1000h

No powder, no cracking, no shedding


Diluent amount



1.The mixing ratio (mass ratio) for part A&B is 10:1

2. Theoretical coating area: refers to the primer consumption without considering the impact of the actual construction environment, coating application methods, coating technology, surface appearance, structure, surface area size, etc.

Application Method

1. Clean and polish the surface of the substrates prior to application in order to maximize adhesion strength.

2.Thoroughly stir part A until there is no sediment on the bottom, then add part B and C (special diluent) according to the proportion recommended by the

Manufacturer. Once fully stirred, it can be used about 15 minutes after curing.

Color: Part A (base) of 102 is in iron-red, part B (curing agent) is clear, iron-red after mixing.

Packing: Part A (base) of 102 is 20kg/kit, Part B is 2 kg/kit, diluent is 15kg/kit;

Suggested mixing ratio (mass ratio) for part A&B is 10:1.

Storage: YC 102 should be stored at or below 27℃ in its original unopened containers. It has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Transportation: Falls within the scope of non-dangerous goods.

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