Borosilicate Block Smokestack Liners

Borosilicate Block Smokestack Liners
Industrial Access is the company of choice for installing Borosilicate Glass Block linings in plants and manufacturing facilities

Borosilicate Glss Block linings are manufactured under highly controlled conditions and then attached to the internal surface of industrial chimneys, smokestacks, flues & ducts with a durable acid-resistant adhesive.  Borosilicate Glass Block linings provide excellent chemical and thermal resistance.

The Borosilicate Glass blocks that make up this type of lining are completely impermeable thanks to a closed-cell structure. Due to their flexible, yet durable adhesive, a Borosilicate Glass Block lining system has an extremely long service life; lasting potentially decades.

Borosilicate Glass Block linings are an economical choice and are becoming extremely popular in many power plants and factories thanks to their technical properties and relatively low cost. This type of lining is extremely fire resistant and is easily installed in both new construction & existing ngs can be installed in brick, steel, and concrete chimneys and smokestacks, making them a prominent option for many facilities.


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